Your health and body are complex. One body system can affect another body system. Therefore we utilize the Naturopathic Principles and take a comprehensive holistic approach to helping you get to your health goals. This means we don’t just band-aid your symptoms, we try to find the root cause or causes.

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1st visit:


60 - 90 Minutes

During this appointment we establish your health goals, discuss expectations, and determine how to get to the root cause of your health concerns. This is where we do our clinical investigation. We utilize an extensive metabolic assessment along with your symptoms and health concerns to determine the best functional lab tests to complete for your specific needs. This is an essential step to help us create your personalized comprehensive health plan.

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2nd visit:

Lab Assessment and comprehensive health plan - $250

60 - 90 minutes

During this appointment we will thoroughly explain your lab results to you, what they mean, and how the results connect to your health concerns and goals. We also answer any questions that you may have in regards to the results. Based on the functional medical assessment of your lab results along with your health goals and the review of your initial visit, we will present you with your personalized comprehensive health plan.


3rd visit and beyond:

maintenance and follow ups - $125

30 - 45 minutes

During these appointments it is important to understand that it may take 3-6 months to heal (some cases 1-2 years for more severe issues). We typically see patients every month for the first few follow up visits to see how you are doing with your protocol and what has changed so we can adjust your protocol to keep up with those changes. After the first few follow up visits, we will usually extend the visits out to 3-4 times per year to rerun labs and make the needed refinements to your health plan. We understand that things in life can often change and healing and health is a lifetime process. We also know that when you reach one health goal you will have another one. Therefore, we want to be here for you throughout all those changes and all of your health goals. In addition, we have many other supportive services to help you along your path to be the best you. These include IV therapy, vitamin injections, medical aesthetics procedures, and natural pain solutions