frequently asked questions: 

Question: How Long is a typical appointment? 


Appointment times vary by service.

  • Optimization Patients: 1st visit =15 minutes, follow up visit=30-45 min, blood draw=10 min

  • Rejuvenation Patients: 60-90 minutes depending on procedure

  • Regeneration Patients:30-60 minutes depending on procedure

Question: Does Skin accept insurance? 


Most insurance is accepted for lab work for the optimization packages. However, Skin is a cash based practice and does not accept health insurance for their services. Payment is due at time of services. Most HSA's (Health Savings Accounts) are accepted.  We will supply patients with a medical super bill which includes charges and codes for insurance submission, upon request, but do not assist with any insurance reimbursement.

Question: Do you run any other labs other than the 5 functional lab tests listed in the Optimization Package?


We are a specialty clinic looking to Optimize our patient's health!  If you're looking for long-term chronic care please ask us for a referral! 

Question: Am I able to add an additional test to my Optimization Package?


Yes! There is an option to choose additional labs.  You can choose as many as you like, as long as you get the doctor's approval. 

Question: How Do I know if I'm a good candidate for the Optimization Package?

Answer:  Are you an athlete, entrepreneur, mom, dad, student or someone just looking to maximize your potential?  Then the Optimization Package is right for you! Choose from our list of 5 functional medicine tests located in the "Optimize the Skin You're In" tab under "Services." 

Question:  Do your natural aesthetic procedures hurt? 

Answer: Nope! We use a prescription grade numbing cream.  However, you may experience redness, flaking and/or possible bruising.  No need to worry, we'll cover that in the consent portion of the appointment.