Vitamin Shots or Nutrient IV's can Increase your Immune system, Boost Energy, and More

We offer natural IV (Intravenous) and IM (Intramuscular) therapies that delivers vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly into your body’s circulation, bypassing the digestive system so there is an immediate utilization and absorption from your cells.

Nutrient IV therapy

Prescription Nutrient IV Therapy:

Excellent for cold/flu season, any gastrointestinal conditions, fatigue, most chronic illnesses, and even general health maintenance etc.

Personalized IV's are great ways to address nutrient deficiencies. 

Since these are prescribed nutrients, we will need to schedule your 1st appointment 1 week a head of time to ensure that we have appropriate blood work and that your prescription is ready.

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Vitamin Shot Therapy:

Excellent for enhancing memory, increasing energy, boosting immune system, weight loss, and replenishing nutrients.

Vitamin injections are a quick and easy way to get to your health goals so you can Optimize the Skin You're In!